When friends or travellers are looking for an easy central meeting area in Zurich, Switzerland’s biggest city, the most popular choice is the Mondaine Railway Station Meeting Point at the main station.

A four-meter high Swiss Railways Clock by Mondaine, visible from every direction in the station’s light and airy glassdomed central hall, towers over the Meeting Point.  Built in the 1800s, the historic Hauptbahnhof or HB as the station is known locally, is a venerable old city landmark, Switzerland’s largest covered place.

Renovated and refurbished throughout its life, today’s main station is modern but with reflections of the past still apparent in its graceful architecture. Because it resides in the hub of the city, Zurich’s station is an important gathering point for travellers, shoppers, diners and tourists.

A focal point for anyone passing through the station is the instantly recognizable Meeting Point clock with its black hour markers against a strong white background and its fascinating red second hand. The Railways clock is considered an international design icon and has stood witness to thousands of dramas and tales as friends and loved ones greet and depart in the bustling atmosphere of Zurich’s main rail terminus. Over 300,000 people pass through this central hall in Zurich each day.

Zurich watchmaker Mondaine celebrates this popular location with its official railways Meeting Point collection of square shaped wristwatch models and desk clocks.